It Really Makes An Erratic Action

All Electronics Corp. Catalog No. PMP – MONO PLASTIC 3. 5 MM PLUG. The connector will need to be soldered to the PowerHorn’s cable. You can get this connector at Radio Shack when you get the Mini Amp here abut at a higher price. Note: Above are the places where the hardware is still avaliable.

There are many other places where the items may be purchases. Also, the 1GB Secure Digital cards now cost about as much as the 512MB SD cards were priced a few months ago and the 1GB SD card has twice the storage size. A Better Weasel Ball Decoy by Dick Wendell This is an excellent improvement on the Weasel Ball Decoy.

See and Listen to the Struggling Varmint Video Download. Al, you are completely free to use my pictures and technique for building this for your website. Your generosity is extended back to you my friend. Note: The reason the action is random is that the tail hits either the ground or the lower bar.

It really makes an erratic action. Equipment:Metal cutting saw Welder (I use a 110v wire feed welder) 1/4″ coarse thread die for cutting threads on rod Tape MeasureMaterials:Weasel Ball (cat toy) 1/4″ cold rolled round rod 1/4″ coupling nut Grinder for putting point on the rod and cleaning up cuts Camo paintGoal:To make a predator decoy with erratic movements that is able to be displayed above tall grass and snow at a low cost. Process: Ball Preparation:1 – The Weasel Ball is easily found online for under $3. 00. In fact the shipping is more than the item itself. Unscrew the ball and paint the half with the tail in an appropriate color for your area. I used a dead grass color. Leave the tail as installed. 2 – Get some white fake fur and sew a small tuft on the end of the tail to add as an attractor. Stand Fabrication:1 – The top portion of the stand is made by taking a 12″ piece of 1/4″ round rod and bending a 90 degree bend about 2 inches from one end. Heating with a torch will make the bend much sharper. Placing the heated end of rod in a vice makes it easier and safer to bend. 2 – Take a 2 inch piece of the 1/4″ round rod and weld it approximately 1 3/8″ directly below the 90 degree bend. This location is best determined by holding the two pieces in place on the ball and marking the correct location. Once welded in place, if it is loose the two forks can be put in a vice and gently squeezed together until the forks slide firmly into place. It needs to be easy to remove so you replace the battery as needed. 3 – Take a 4 1/4 inch piece of the 1/4″ rod and weld to the stand approximately 5 inches below the bottom of the forks.

This piece is needed to give the decoy an erratic movement. Without this piece the tail will simply swing in a big circle. With this piece the tail will swing, then make some jumping/jerking movements and the sequence is never the same. 4 – Using the 1/4 inch thread die make threads on the lower end of the rod.

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